Saturday, November 2, 2013

Removal Home Finance - How to Relocate a House to a New Site

What is a removal home?A removal home is a normal house that was built on site some time in the past that the new owner has purchased and intends to move to a new block of land. Because the original house usually wasn't intended to be moved when it was built, removal homes are often chopped into sections before being transported by hydraulic trailers.Typically older country homesteads and mansions are moved to a new location rather than being demolished because they have a classic appearance that is unable to be matched by modern homes.Where can I find homes to buy?You can buy removal homes in the trading post or in the classified section of your local newspaper. Alternatively you can try going to a specialist real estate agent that sells 2nd hand homes.Is a removal home suitable for my land?Not every block of land is suitable for a removal home. Some blocks are difficult to access and so there may be difficultly delivering a house to the block. In particular think of bridges, tight corners and low clearances that may get in the way. If in doubt talk to the specialist that you have hired to move the house for you. They'll be sure of the best way to solve the problem!Finance my removal home!Removal home mortgages are relatively simple to finance if your land is worth significantly more than the house you are buying. If not then you may need a guarantor to finance your home for the short term until the house is complete. Talk to removal home finance for the right advice on your of fund your project. Your home loan can often be sourced from a major bank rather than a more expensive non-bank lender.