Thursday, October 31, 2013

Money-Saving Technology for College Universities

The year is coming to an end, and that means you may have either some of your budget left or you'll soon be given a new budget for the upcoming year. While this is true for many businesses, it's also true for universities across the country. And whether or not you have plans for the excess or new budget, consider using that money to improve your university's facilities. And one way to do that is to limit how much energy your university uses by using a variable frequency drive.A variable frequency drive is used to control the rotational speed of an AC (alternating current) electrical motor through the electricity supplied. A variable frequency drive can be used on fans, elevators, pumps, machine drives, and conveyor belts. If used appropriately, using a variable frequency drive can basically pay for itself within just a few months by reducing the energy the campus buildings use. Another benefit of using a variable frequency drive is that is can reduce mechanical and electrical stress by ramping the motor over time rather than all at once, which will also save energy.While the benefits listed above are great reasons alone to consider using your university's budget to buy a variable frequency drive, there is an even better reason. Students at your university learn a lot through going to class, completing homework, and passing tests. But they also learn from the example of the university and those who run it and those who make the important decisions for everyone involved. Showing your students that the university is concerned with the current going-green effort can encourage them to find ways to conserve energy in their own day-to-day lives. And what better example could a school give to its students?Taking an active approach to your school's budget and green initiatives can distribute your money so that it can be used elsewhere. It also enables you to do your part to preserve your local environment and inspire everyone around you to do the same. While it may seem insignificant to just make one change, one change can make a world of difference. It only takes one small effort to make one big change. And it starts with you. Even if you don't hold a lot of power or control over the decisions of the university, consider talking about a variable frequency drive with those in charge. You can make a difference. Start today, just one step at a time.