Thursday, October 31, 2013

Now You Can Research 100's of Colleges & Universities in a Completely New Way

There is no question that in today's world, video is the medium of choice among today's youth, whether it be for entertainment, news or information. Now, with the emergence of Youniversity TV, those individuals can learn and see everything they need when researching the college or university of their choice by watching video campus tours of close to 400 schools here in the U.S.Best of all, Youniversity TV is a free service, available to anyone wishing to use it.Soon, reading static text and glancing over a few photos will be a thing of the past - Not only are the video campus tours informative, but fun to watch as well.It's all there, being presented in a way never before made available : see the campus grounds, classrooms, dorms - and hear commentary from students, those who are in the admissions dept., and faculty members as well. The next best thing to actually stepping foot on campus, and in some cases - better !Plans are also in the works for new features (such as making career choices, and a 'virtual dormitory apartment' that users can customize), as well as games and contests to keep kids engaged in the pursuit of higher education and career choices to be made.I would imagine that having information being presented in this way would be of tremendous value to both low-income families, as well as college bound students who currently live abroad.It certainly makes the college search process a lot less daunting, and a lot more fun !