Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Did College and University Really Teach Me When I Dropped Out?

For most of us studying is a complete insult to the brain wanting to do better things with our time. Some of us really enjoy it and get a kick out of it. For me it's just a waste of time listening to so called professors who never actually kissed a girl. Knowing that makes a college more worth it and the internet serves us with energetic movies when sitting in the back.There's always a story behind a story. So why didn't I properly study?I'll sum it up what I've learned during my 2 years of College and 4 years of University. Some of them are applicable to companies.#1. Don't get distracted. Focus, focus and focus. There are loads of better things to do. Learn later!#2. Loose the attitude. Learning should be fun! Your University or College tries to 'hand over' a future. Don't wreck it.#3. Listen! Both parties should listen. For instance my University didn't listen which resulted in missed out opportunities for me and the University. Ask whether they have or want to install a local 'Wiki' (a sort of Questions & Answer).#4. Finding the right people to work/study with is essential. Some you may find cool to hang out but probably won't get you anywhere. Body language reveals a lot about a person. I suggest you keep track of 'signs'.#5. Be fearsomely determined. Determination is essential. Cut the chord. Like Nike; Just Do It!#6. Avoid the rich-kid Colleges/Universities. The nothing but annoying and won't get you anywhere except to some exotic destinations with superficial, backstabbing and gossiphorny people.#7. Be succinct and true to yourself. Try to create clarity for you and the rest.#8. Communication remains essential. If you and others don't properly communicate it will interfere with the solution.#9. Be yourself! Never let anyone change you! People constantly try to alter your character. Don't allow it. Only your spouse is allowed to change you.#10. Make time for activities like sports, hanging out with friends, theater or relax at home. Don't study too hard, also try to live!#11. Find yourself a College or University that's been around for decades. In the end it will save you a lot of trouble.#12. Keep your promise(s)! My University broke way too many promises it resulted in a lower interest/passion for studying (at that particular place).#13. Never give up! There's always a way to get to it but avoid hitting the reinforced concrete wall too often.